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In Celebration of Lifestyle Design: An Interview with Mike Ragsdale

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Mike Ragsdale, Founder of the 30A Company, is one of the most successful, influential entrepreneurs in South Walton. To many, the success of his 30A brand seems pre-ordained. Obvious even. Just a matter of right time + right place. But this could not be further from the truth.

In this episode, Mike shares the true origin story of the 30A Company, gives valuable insights about why he considers Time to be our most valuable asset, and his theory of placing more emphasis on “Lifestyle Design” than “Work/Life Balance”.

This was easily our longest interview to date. Mike & I talk about the value of failing, ancient theories on prayer and meditation, and the importance feeding the soul with travel.

I believe this was also one of our most insightful interviews to date because we talk about the unintended consequences of success. The downsides that so many entrepreneurs gloss over. As a society, we glorify the “Grind”. The people who’ve “Made It”. We use a cliched notion that success is simply a composite of “valuable failures” over time. But in reality, these failures can lead to anxieties and, left unchecked, lead to panic attacks and social disorders.

Mike & I talk about how these anxieties personally affect us. As someone who lives with a panic attack disorder, it was such a relief to hear someone as successful and spiritually nourished as Mike share his experiences with social anxiety and his focus on mental heath.

This episode is full of so many insights. So much...affirmation toward what it means to be truly successful in life. I hope this episode feels like a breath of fresh air when you hear it. Enjoy!


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