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Dave King, celebrated for his innovative approach to art, invites viewers to ponder the fascinating "what if" scenario of Disney World coming to fruition on the Gulf Coast. Through the aid of artificial intelligence, he has skillfully transformed the idyllic coastal scenes of South Walton into a visionary realm where nature intertwines with the energy of a major metropolitan city.


"With 'Visit St. Walton,' I aim to challenge our perceptions and spark conversations about how urbanization and technology can shape our landscapes. This exhibition invites viewers to embrace the interplay between nature and urbanism, and to question the potential outcomes of this ever-evolving relationship."

"I hope you enjoy this playful experiment, offering a thought-provoking journey into the possibilities of our local history."

-Dave King

Each print in this collection is professionally mounted and framed in glass. This series is limited to 100 copies that will never be reproduced, regardless of size.

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