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  • Podcaster Membership - Monthly

Podcaster Membership - Monthly

Price Options
Podcaster Monthly
$1,000.00every month until canceled

Join our SwH Podcaster - Monthly Membership to get FULL ACCESS to the SOWAL House Podcast Studio for less than $50/Hour! 


Monthly SOWAL House Podcaster Membership Includes:


  • One-On-One Podcast Class 
    Podcasting doesn't have to be rocket science! Our Podcast Class gives you the right tools to produce a broadcast quality podcast channel without outsourcing a single step in the process. This independence saves you both time and money, while ensuring a higher likelihood of success for your channel. 

    Podcasters will quickly learn the workflow, equipment and software that SOWAL House uses to attract thousands of listeners to our channel.
  • 5+ Hours Per Week Of Independent Access To The Studio
    Podcasters have full access to SOWAL House and the Podcast Studio one dedicated day per week from 9am - 2pm. Accommodations can easily be made for last-minute scheduled interviews that fall outside of dedicated hours. 
  • Reservationless Access on Sundays
    Barring rare scheduling conflicts, Podcasters have full access to SOWAL House and the Podcast Studio from 9am - 10pm on Sundays.
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