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PODCAST: Special Guest: Letterpress Master Artisan Chris Tipton

This latest episode is a fascinating conversation about high-quality, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.

Our guest is Chris Tipton from @fresh.impression , who is one of only a HANDFULL of letterpress artisans in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! And his shop, which houses over 15 TONS of vintage cast-iron equipment, is right here on the Emerald Coast!

What is Letterpress you ask? Some of the earliest known examples date back to the 15th century with the Gutenberg Bible. Believe it or not, the basic principles of this delicate technique are still in use today, where text and images are actually impressed into paper. Letterpress printing creates crisp, clean lines and bold patterns that have greater visual definition than any other printing technique.

Find out more about this craft by checking out Chris's website at


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