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PODCAST: Special Guests: Lindy Wood & Kelly Cash of The Westonwood Ranch

Did you know that support services for families touched by autism drops to near-zero after their primary education years are over? This is such a huge loss of human potential.

Everyone deserves the right to feel a sense of purpose. No matter their ability. Here’s the thing:

We all have a need and desire to contribute to society. People with autism should not be left out of that opportunity.

This is where Westonwood Ranch, a local non-profit located in Freeport, FL is making a difference by serving as a model for the rest of the country to follow.

Westonwood Ranch is a place where people can feel loved, exercise their talents and just be free to be themselves, no matter their age. It’s a place where people can cultivate and develop their independence so they can live a full, successful and fulfilling life.

You can find more about Westonwood Ranch here:


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