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PODCAST: Special Guests: MJ & Bentley Jackson of Sculpt Studio

LUCK NUMBER 7! Today’s episode features yogi-preneurs MJ & Bentley Jackson from Sculpt Studio! In this episode we talk about the business side of yoga as well as how yoga can be used to treat asthma & panic attacks… with some details bout my near-death experience with respiratory alkalosis. Believe me, yoga can LITERALLY heal and change people’s lives. What an AMAZING & REWARDING business to be involved in!

In this episode we also celebrate Sculpt Studio’s recognition as 2021’s BEST OF EMERALD COAST for speciality fitness. In addition, MJ has just been named BRAND AMBASSADOR for Luluemon’s Grand Boulevard location in Miramar Beach! This is their 1st year in operation and they’re just getting started…

Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by searching "SOWAL Creatives".

Connect with MJ & Bentley by checking out their website and filling them here: @sculptstudio30a

Also, check out MJ’s yoga playlists on Spotify!


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