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Allison Wickey

Aria Gaffrey

Chandler Williams

Chris Coleman

David Allen King

Dheron Winfield

Jim Clark

Jonah Allen

Justin Gaffrey

Justin Gaffrey Jr.

Lindsay Tobias

Mark Little

Nicole Paloma

Tommy Crow


September 9th

CLUB Access Only

5 to 6pm


Private Event Access

6 to 9pm

September 10th

Public Event Access

10am to 6pm

Virtual Gallery

For the first time in history, you will be able to view all of these marquee South Walton artists in a single exhibition!



Christy Milliken

Event Curator

Over 10 years in the art world with a boutique marketing business, Curate Marketing, that helps collaborate with many events throughout the United States — large scale events such as film festivals, music festivals, and visual art exhibitions.


VOS Media

Virtual Reality Gallery

Dheron Winfield is the special force behind the virtual reality gallery. 

Fresh Impression

Event Graphics, Poster, Tickets, Web

Dave King

Chief Vision Officer - SOWAL House

In the heart of Rosemary Beach

82 S. Barrett Square  2nd Floor


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Rosemary Beach Foundation.

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