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SEPTEMBER 9 & 10 '22

Allison Wickey

Allison Wickey resides on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. She has been painting coastal scenery on 30A since 2007 and in 2011 she received South Walton Artist of the Year and in 2012 received BEST GALLERY on the Emerald Coast.  Allison has been a supportive member of the local arts community and serves as a Board Member on the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County. 

Cutting the Roots

64x68 on canvas


The Step-Around



Chandler Williams

This image is based around the idea of showing the beauty of mother nature while the dress materials are subtly showing the man-made plastics/trash that are destroying our environment.


I chose to work with an innovative designer, Candi Gordon. Candi is a SCAD graduate whose focus is sustainability in the fashion industry.


I'm connected with all my pieces, however, this piece in particular, I connect with on an emotional level. It frustrates me that the environment has no voice and humans just take everything as if we are entitled to it.


Lately, I have asked myself how I can give back? I don't think I can unless I become a voice. This is why I've chosen to form Aloha Aina Environmental Advocacy Group. Learn more about Aloha Aina Environmental Advocacy Group here:

Without voice, voiceless.

Limited Series  11 of 103



Panchromatic Black and White Paper Aluminum Mounted & Protected in High Gloss Acrylic

Not for sale.

Chris Coleman

Chris is an originally born Georgia boy with music in his blood, and paint on his mind. He has traveled the world professionally with his guitar, and now spends most of his time creating his signature works. Chris says, “Using mostly my hands, I create minimalist images that reflect my love of history and the Old West. When I had my first studio, I painted three figures together, and a story unfolded. The warring soldier, the pioneering cowboy, and the native who was here first,” he acknowledges the multi-faceted troubled history of our country. “I put them together in postures of unity and I called it ‘The Alliance’.” Now Chris is expanding his images to include subject matter he finds intriguing. He paints and creates music in his current home studio and has an online gallery.

Deep Song



In Deep






David Allen King

“Early retirement did not suit me well. In fact, it nearly killed me.”


Dave King painted his way through a computer science degree at a small college in Birmingham, AL. After graduating, he moved to NYC and eventually became the Technology Director for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, then moved into Management Consulting.


After retiring to Florida in 2018, Dave had a near-death experience that sparked a renewed sense of purpose; to fulfill his core passion by investing time & energy back into the arts.


“I’m inspired by 3 critical art movements: The Abstract Expressionists of the 1950’s, the Graffiti Artists of the 1980’s, and the present day Creative Entrepreneurs of Walton County.”


The commonality of each movement is that they’re the underdogs of their time. Under-rated, under-valued, and largely overlooked.


“I’m intrigued by the fact that we have this huge swath of world-class artists living amongst us. South Walton has so much natural beauty, and the artists and creatives that live here are the soul.”


SELECTIONS marks the first time Dave King has exhibited original work in over 20 years. Rooted in mixed media, found object, and precious metals, each work possesses an element of social commentary that encourages conversation.

The Commodity of Inner Peace

33.5 x 37.75 in framed


Uncut American Currency, 24 Carrot Gold



Autocatalyst Girl

33.5 x 37.75 in. framed

Uncut Ukrainian Currency, Copper, Paladium, 24k Gold


Money Lisa

33.5 x 37.75 in. framed


Uncut American Currency, 24k Gold



65 Miles of Emerald

12x 750ml Bottles

Seawater, Sand





Projection on plywood tap board

Not for Sale

Dheron Winfield

According to one of the largest studies of mental health among the U.S. military, the rate of major depression among soldiers was five times as high as civilians, and the rate of PTSD was nearly 15 times higher. As a U.S. Army Special Forces Operator who severed 15 years in the military I was very much included in both of these sobering stats. In fact It was during an extremely difficult  combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2020 that I used photography as an creative outlet and an essential coping mechanism. Although this is a key chapter in my life, it’s not what defines my whole story. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. The neighborhood was Bedford-Stuyvanst to be exact, whose motto was engrained in me from early age “Do or Die Bed-Stuy”. I attended Fort Hamilton HS, which at the time was the largest High School in NYC with an approximate enrollment of 5000 students. It was in this cultural melting pot that I discovered and experienced various cultures, mainly due to the various ethnicities of the friends I would make there. Although up to this point I hadn’t experienced much outside of the city I was always fascinated by the stories of friends and classmates who had family ties to exotic places such as Greece, Lebanon, and Panama…just to name a very few. Although I did’t know how at the time, I knew I wanted to travel and visit these foreign lands.


The answer for me to experience travel was by joining the military straight out of High School. From interrogator, to analyst, to infantrymen, to Special Forces, my military career taught me various skills and proved some amazing opportunities I would’ve never imagined experiencing growing up. Some of my most cherished experiences was learning Brazilian Portuguese, living in Lisboa Portugal to learn European Portuguese, and living in Costa Rica for Spanish language immersion for. Fun fact, my Interactive Media company ‘VOS MEDIA’ is an acronym standing for ‘Viva O Sonho’ meaning ‘Long Live the Dream’ in Portuguese. Many of my early photographs are taken in these two gorgeous locations, partly to showcase the world outside of NYC to inner city youths like I was and to illustrate the possibilities when one chooses to “Do” and not let one’s dream “Die”, just like it was engrained in me from the start.


-Medically retired from the military in August of 2022 Dheron currently resides in Destin, FL. His 3 year old daughter resides in Niceville, Florida. He is currently enrolled to start classes at Universidad Veritas in San José Costa Rica in January’23 in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. He apparently is the sole purchaser of ‘High Pulp’ orange juice in the Continental United States of America.

Venmo @Dheron-w

Hidden Angels



1.5-inch Gallery Wrap


Pinks of Thought



1.5-inch Gallery Wrap


Living Color of Niceville



1.5-inch Gallery Wrap


Cara Dela



1.5-inch Gallery Wrap





.75-inch Standard Wrap