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Introducing: SOFO Club

Welcome to SOFO Club, your gateway to the vibrant world of performing arts at SOWAL House! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of entertainment, from uproarious stand-up comedy to the raw talent of open mic nights and the soulful melodies of singer/songwriter performances.

For just $100 a year, SOFO Club membership offers exclusive access to these captivating events hosted at SOWAL House. What makes it even better? All proceeds from membership dues directly support the SOWAL Foundation (SOFO), our non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and uplifting local artists, fashion designers, and filmmakers in Walton County, Florida, and surrounding areas.

SOWAL Foundation's mission is to cultivate a thriving arts community by providing essential resources, fostering creative growth, and advocating for the artistic expression of our talented community members. By becoming a SOFO Club member, you're not only gaining access to incredible performances but also actively contributing to the flourishing arts scene in our area.

Elevate your entertainment experience while supporting local creatives. Join SOFO Club today!

SOFO Club Patron benefits, plus:

  • Discounted tickets to all performing arts events

  • 2 x Annual New Year's Eve Party tickets
    (Valued at $200)


12 Month Membership





Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of live entertainment—become a SOFO Club Patron today to experience unforgettable moments at SOWAL House! Members receive invitations to exclusive events:

  • Monthly SOFO Spotlight nights 
    (2 COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS, Valued at $100)

  • Weekly Open Mic & Karaoke nights

  • Stand-Up comedy nights

  • Singer / Songwriter nights

  • DJ / Dance Parties

  • Creative Meetups


12 Month Membership

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